Teaching Someone Else To Drive?
Is teaching someone else
to drive sending you
round the bend?

Help is here
in the form
of the...

L Plates

The App..

  • Makes learning to drive easier to understand
  • Increases the likelihood of passing first time
  • Tackles specific problem areas
  • Offers correct advice to parents
  • Reduces the amount of time taken to pass
  • Lets you study on the go

LEARN TO DRIVE APP available from:

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I can highly recommend the app I used it while I was learning to drive and found it very useful, almost a year later I still use it now and again if I'm going somewhere new.
Tracey Taylor
Tracey Taylor
Reasons to buy
  • Teaching someone else to drive?

    The app acts as a go-to guide to make sure the correct skills are taught. Written by a practising driving instructor with 12 years' experience of correct and current legislation it gives you peace of mind knowing that the hours you spend in the car will not contradict the driving instructor lessons or what is expected on test day...

  • Prepare for your forthcoming lessons

    Eager to get going? Set the groundwork and work through the app so you have familiarity with key situations before your start aiding your learning through familiarity of terms and legal requirements.

  • Have they failed your driving test recently?

    Getting back in the driving seat after a knock back can be tricky but by isolating the area they failed on can help clarify the problem and take a fresh look at the problem. You can repeat the manoeuvre as often as you like, at a speed that suits both of you and the driver!

  • Cost saving

    This app is intended to be used alongside driving lessons from either professionals or qualified drivers and aims to increases chances of passing first time. Plus it arms you with a sound understanding of safety issues and awareness of traffic.

Tracey Taylor
I've just done a reverse parallel park using THE LEARN TO DRIVE APP. What I love about it is the way it shows you which way to steer with the steering wheel in the corner. It's just really easy!
Siobhan Walton
What is it?

Written and produced by one of the U.K.s leading driving instructors, the app with its high resolution animations and voice over guides you through the whole process from being a complete beginner to complex junctions and manoeuvres, in fact everything that will help you understand how to pass your driving test!!! Use it before your lessons, use it on your lessons, use it after your lesson.

How much does it cost?
How much are
your lessons?
£20/ph £23/ph £27/ph?
is only... £9.99 for the whole app


After the free taster you can upgrade to the whole app for only £9.99.

With free updates as well, manual and auto version (to be released shortly) what could be easier. You could save money by learning quicker, what have you got to lose?

Read/listen/watch the reviews of the students who have been using the app whilst it was being trailed before being launched, don't just take our word for it, see what they have to say!!!

Passed my driving test first time!!! Big thank you to Rich Rawden best instructor by far.
Adam Briddon.
Adam Briddon
Font just tale our word for it
Mirror, signal, manoeuvre
The full comprehensive guide can be bought in one package or you can purchase particular bundles that cover what you feel you need to learn.
Samples of manoeuvres
  • App Screen 1

    Junctions made easy

    Learn how to approach and emerge safely, step by step and with confidence.

  • App Screen 2

    Essential Skills

    Avoiding crashing and keeping your wits about you – a clear guide to keep you in control and aware of danger.

  • App Screen 3

    Crossings, traffic lights and slip roads

    How to meet traffic and understand who has priority.

  • App Screen 4


    Don't get in a spin – take the easy route to approaching and exiting this type of junction.

  • App Screen 5


    Comprehensive guide to avoid danger and steer through safely.

  • App Screen 6

    Manoeuvres made easy

    Steering and Clutch control are key to this section which will ease you through tricky driving situations.

LEARN TO DRIVE APP available from:

download from google Play download from the app store

Jason Wakefield
Just used the module for slip roads onto the dual carriageway, used the app, explained everything really clearly - brilliant!
Jason Wakefield